ARTT Intermediate College is a project of the “well known” ARTT Business School, which offers the professional qualification of CA and ACCA. It is known to be the only Institute that provides tuition for all CA Education Levels. ARTT Business School currently has the highest number of students in Karachi due to its unmatchable quality education with top results, 7 star faculty and quality campus. The institute is also entitled as Registered Accounting Education Tutor (RAET) of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) – the governing body of CA qualification. We also realize the importance of basic education for young minds to prepare them for Professional Studies. Our College system “ARTT Intermediate College” is registered as a private college with the Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi. We make sure that a student studying with us gets a supportive and encouraging environment that gears them up to find his/her strength in becoming a life-long learner.


Vision Statement

To revolutionize the traditional teaching methods and provide affordable quality education for the generations to come.


Mission Statement:

- To bring a significant change in the current education system with impactful experience and expertise.
- To enable students in being technically sound in their particular field of study, keeping in mind the minute details of the professional world.
- Developing professionals in a friendly and thought provoking enviourment.


Message from the Head of Academics:

Dear Parents,
Education in our society has more or less become a commodity which is necessary to acquire in order to get a good means of living. However, in this race to get good “degrees”, we have forgotten the true essence of education. Schools & Colleges have been present from the classical antiquity and Islam was amongst one of the forces which created the school in a formal way. AT ARTT we are set on a mission to “inspire, educate and enlighten” our students in the best way possible. We try our best to inculcate a desire of learning in our students.

We aim to ignite the curiosity of learning in each student, help them improve in areas of weakness, and shine in areas of strength and interest.

Arshad Latif Khan

Head of Academics

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